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"I’m having balance issues caused by neuropathy and lack of leg strength. Cindy Moore has greatly helped me through physical therapy sessions. I can tell my leg strength has increased and my balance is improved. I feel my risk of falling has decreased. I highly recommend Cindy as a Physical Therapist!"
May 21, 2023
"I had a total knee replacement and my 3 times a week, one on one physical therapy sessions helped me to quickly get back to most activities . Cindy and Paula knew what I was going through and were very encouraging when I overdid it. I would highly recommend advanced physical therapy!!"
Dec 19, 2022
"I found APT on the internet and went by and met Paula who became my therapist. She is very professional and experienced, and friendly. After having a rotator cuff repair Paula got me into shape in no time. She knows her stuff. Was kind and understanding yet tough in a nice way. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to get better through PT. The place is easy to find and parking is easy, bathroom is spotless, place is clean. Thanks again Paula!"
Oct 21, 2022
"Thank you Cindy for being the best PT for anurgi g that ails you. A couple of years ago, antar fasciitis was my ailment and with Cindy's professionalism, I was over it in just a few weeks. Recently with lower back pain and balance issues, Cindy was there. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate with her patients and treats them with utmost kindness. Her knowledge of muscles and joints and how they I react is phenomenal. She is encouraging as you progress but also knows when you are not following through with exercises at home and is still very polite in letting you know that you need to help yourself along the way. I hope I won't need therapy again, but if I do, I certainly know where I will go!"
Sep 23, 2022
"So glad that my surgeon recommended Cindy. She was so committed to helping me regain the use of my arm and shoulder. I will gladly recommend her. "
Sep 09, 2022
"Cindy was great, she was very encouraging and professional. "
Sep 09, 2022
"Having suffered a lot of pain in my right hip and down my right leg for several months, my doctor had me go to therapy. Cindy More at Advanced Physical Therapy treated me for several visits. It was apparent from the first visit she knew what was wrong and how to treat it. It is great to be able to walk, stand and do my normal routine without pain. I highly recommend Cindy for anyone needing therapy. Rick "
Mar 15, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
"I appreciate the care that Paula Peterson gave me after a knee replacement....she had me walking correctly quickly and encouraged me to reach my goals. The knowledge that Paula and Cindy have acquired in treating patients like me,have allowed me to get back into my life and I am grateful "
Sep 15, 2021
"Cindy Moore was my physical therapist at Advanced Therapy. She was excellent. She was knowledgeable, encouraging and compassionate. I feel she cared about my knee as well as my general health. I will be back there for my second knee therapy in January. I would not consider going anywhere else. Paula was equally as good as I saw her a time or two in Cindy’s absence. Thank you for all your help. "
Sep 12, 2021
"I had left knee replacement surgery . I have known Cindy Moore for a long time, Well, she was one of my students when she went to Cleveland Middle. So when it came time to get rehab, I called her at Advanced Physical Therapy . What a great experience. So professional and down to earth. She is highly trained and up to date with new techniques. She understands what you are going through. Once again , what a great experience, highly recommended. Mike"
Jan 29, 2021
"I had never needed physical therapy until I had rotator cuff surgery and did not know any options of where I should go. After checking with several of my friends who I knew had needed this service, they all recommended the same source – Cindy Moore. I asked the surgeon about Cindy and he told me she was very good and gave orders to Advanced Physical Therapy for me to use her services. After the first couple of sessions, I know why Cindy had such a good reputation. She worked me hard during our sessions, gave me exercises to work on between sessions, kept track of my progress, and continually encouraged me. After she discharged me from her services, she gave me a plan to improve my range of motion and strength to follow. I would highly recommend Cindy Moore at Advanced Physical Therapy in Cleveland."
Sep 30, 2020
"Advanced Physical Therapy was wonderful. Very professional and got me back on my bike quickly after my accident. I appreciated the care they took to address patient concerns during this COVID pandemic too. Cindy took the time understand my needs so I could get back to my active lifestyle. Bonus that the office is a convenient neighborhood bike ride away too!"
Aug 27, 2020
"Have had 8 left knee surgeries and 1 posterior total hip replacement. I have gone here for all my physical therapy, I will never go anywhere else. Cindy and Paula are the best; friendly, professional, knowledgeable and supportive in every way. If you want the best recovery, here is where you need to be."
Aug 19, 2020
"I loved working with Cindy Moore at APT. She is an excellent physical therapist whose primary concern is the success of her patients. I first began working with Cindy after surgery to repair a broken hip. I might have been a particular challenge because I was unable to walk without an assistive device as a result of a previous illness. Cindy understood my limitations and was always mindful of them. One of her favorite adages is “distal mobility is not possible without proximal stability.” I didn’t have that stability but we sure worked hard to achieve that goal. As a result, my gait strengthened and my walking improved. My therapy sessions with Cindy were a mixture of hard work and fun and if I’m ever again in need of a PT, Cindy will certainly be my choice!"
Jul 15, 2020
"I had an injury which I sustained a double compound break in my left leg at the ankle level. After multiple surgeries and an eventual, almost rare Complete Ankle Replacement, I am on my feet and very active. During my period of recovery I had many sessions of Physical Therapy with APT. Cindy Moore led me through this process with a confident and assurance that made me strive to achieve the goals she had set for me. It has been two years since my injury and still to this day I use the techniques and exercises she taught me during those sessions. I would not be where I am in my recovery, had it not been for my therapy. I am forever grateful to Cindy Moore and APT. "
Jul 14, 2020
"FIVE STAR review for Advanced Physical Therapy! ***** Cindy quickly found the real problem with my shoulder area and after eight weeks of therapy I was able to get back to a normal routine. I can't say enough positive things about APT and the wonderful patient care. The atmosphere is low-key and personal. Cindy is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and works hard to see her patients get well. "
Jul 14, 2020
"I could not recommend APT more fact, I have referred several friends and family members. The therapists are friendly, warm and caring and they provide individualized treatment that gives the best possible outcomes."
Jul 14, 2020
"Group is very professional and caring. During my experience APT provided me the upmost care and compassion. My therapist took the time to evaluate my personal goals, and develop a personal workout to achieve the maximum result after my surgery. I highly recommend APT and will continue to use them in the future."
Jul 14, 2020
"I feel that your physical therapist is as important as your surgeon.. Cindy Moore will push you just enough to get the best range of motion but NEVER. allow you to over do. I can’t even believe how great my results were.. I highly advise anyone to chose Advance Physical Therapy. "
Jul 14, 2020
"They are great physical therapists. They care about you and they are one on one with you. They will help anytime you need them and they are excellent. I recommend them to the fullest!"
Jul 14, 2020
"Absolutely the best physical therapy experience I could have ever wanted. Cindy was attentive to my needs and focused on positive outcomes. I highly recommend APT!"
Jul 14, 2020